7 Civil Rights Every Citizen Should Be Aware Of

Every citizen is entitled to individual civil rights regardless of race, tribe, age, and sex. Nowadays, many people understand the law and hence understand what they should or shouldn’t do from time to time. On the other hand, some people do not understand their rights, and hence they get abused or mistreated by other people or even by the authorities. These are 7 civil rights that you should be aware of:

Right to life

Every state or country is entitled to provide safety and well-being to its citizens at all times. For a man to enjoy other rights, become a responsible citizen and pay taxes, he needs to live first. As a result, this right also implies the prevention of suicide and the right to self-defense. For instance, you can be arraigned in a court of law for attempting suicide.

Right to Religious Freedom

Citizens are free to adopt any religion provided the state allows it. Also, this right allows citizens to start religious institutions if they are willing to spread their beliefs to other people. However, it is essential to adhere to set rules and laws of the land to avoid being incriminated. For example, radicalizing youths or young people to join a cause or a sect is against the law!

Right to Education

Education plays a vital role in society, and the right to education is a right entitled to every citizen who is willing to study. As a result, all citizens have equal rights and opportunities to get an education. This is important because only educated citizens can propel society forward by advocating for social development. Also, educated citizens will play a huge role in the government either via voting or being good leaders. Therefore, parents are required to help their children get primary education regardless of whether or not they are financially stable.

Right to Freedom of Thought and Expression

Freedom of thought & expression is essential because it promotes equality and development in society. You have the right to express and exchange your ideas and views with other people. However, even though you have the freedom to think freely and share your thoughts, you should not misuse it to abuse or share evil thoughts to avoid being incriminated.

Right to Freedom of Movement

You have the right to move freely throughout the country and even abroad. You can as well settle in any part of the state/country, start a business and even get married. However, you may need to carry certain documents to ascertain that you are a citizen and you are allowed to travel or be in a specific region. Remember, the government might restrict some areas for some reasons, e.g. security purposes.

Right to Equality

In today’s modern world, you have the right to equality regardless of your sex, color, religion, language, and caste. You should not be discriminated in any way because we are all created equal and we have equal rights.

Right to Justice

This right is fundamental to save those who are poor and weak. You have the right to go to court to secure justice in case they think they are being mistreated. The final verdict will be fair and will be given depending on the circumstances at hand.

Knowing your civil rights is vital to avoid being mistreated or taken advantage by other people or even the authorities. With vast knowledge about civil rights, you are morally obligated to behave well and help those who are unaware of their rights and moral responsibilities. You can share your views and opinion about civil rights in the comment box below.