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Why Maine Democrats?

Every election has at least one highly-debated issue. Tax caps. Gay rights. Whatever. To be an informed voter requires a political scavenger hunt to half a dozen websites per issue to (1.) read the actual legislation, (2.) get a sense of who is for it or against it and why, and (3.) track its political evolution.

Mainedemocrats.org covers local, state and national issues of interest to democrats in Maine. Issues are flagged with keywords, making it easy to get a one-click overview of issues (Iraq War, lobsters) or lawmakers (Baldacci, Collins, Allen).

MaineDemocrats.org is not affiliated with any political group – Maine or National. We update the site every day when there’s news to report.

We welcome intelligent commentary that furthers the discussion or offers alternative viewpoints no matter how much we disagree. We ask readers to follow a few basic common sense guidelines when it comes to contributing content:

1. Be nice. Don’t attack the people posting or commenting.

2. Be original. Don’t copy and paste vast chunks of copy from someone else’s website to make your point. If you feel strongly? Start keyboarding and put it in your own words or offer a link to the article.

3. Be topical. As in “stay on topic.”