NEWS OF: 9/4/2005

2005 Gay Rights Law



LD 1196, An Act to Extend Civil Rights Protections to All People Regardless of Sexual Orientation. The Governor’s remarks follow. The original legislation full text: LD 1196

§4552. Policy
To protect the public health, safety and welfare, it is declared to be the policy of this State to keep continually in
review all practices infringing on the basic human right to a life with dignity, and the causes of these practices, so that corrective measures may, where possible, be promptly recommended and implemented, and to prevent discrimination in employment, housing or access to public accommodations on account of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry or national origin; and in employment, discrimination on account of age or because of the previous assertion of a claim or right under former Title 39 or Title 39-A and in housing because of familial status; and to prevent discrimination in the extension of credit on account of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ancestry or national origin; and to prevent discrimination in education on account of sex, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.

Language in 9C:

9-C.__Sexual orientation.__”Sexual orientation” means a person’s actual or perceived heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality or gender identity or expression.


03/30/2005 - PASSED TO BE ENACTED.
(Yeas 91 - Nays 58 - Absent 2 - Excused 0)


Issue one on the ballot is an attempt to repeal the law which is in effect, and remove “sexual orientation” from the antidiscrimination law that protects age, race, color, sex, marital status, religion, ancestry or national origin, or physical or mental disability


Vote No On 1: Retain civil rights protections for all Maine citizens
Vote Yes On 1: Remove civil rights protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and - technically - heterosexuals.


Christian Civic League Director Michael Heath has stated that granting equal rights to homosexuals is the first step toward gay marriage. Heath is stating that a “Yes on 1″ to remove “sexual orientation” from the law in effect will protect marriage. Anti-discrimination laws contain no language regarding marriage - a fact confirmed by a joint statement released by a group of Maine lawyers.

Others have asserted that homosexuality is a “choice” and therefore does not warrant protection under the law. For the record, if you were to sort the protections afforded by antidiscrimination laws into categories of “can’t help it” and “choice,” it would look like this:

  • Can’t Help it: age, race, color, sex, ancestry, national origin, or physical or mental disability
  • Choice: marital status, religion

Antidiscrimination laws protect individuals from discrimination based upon those things we have no control over - like getting older, or being born French; as well as those things that are active choices, like the choice to get married or stay single, and the right to worship at the church of your choice.

In this country church attendance is neither mandatory nor Federally regulated. You pick the church. You choose a spouse - marriages are not prearranged.


Maine Won’t Discriminate and a wide variety of church and civic groups are offering “soft support” in that they don’t oppose the measure, but they’ve indicated that they won’t be voicing support in any loud, tangible or realistic way.


Documented Timeline on This Blog for Equal Rights and the “NO ON ONE” campaign.


Popularity: 2%


  1. Our names are Courtney and Jackie and we are fifteen years old. This is our second year learning about the Constitution and in it, it clearly states the first amendment, including freedom of religion, this being one of the main reasons we find people voting yes on 1 ridiculous. Religion has no business in ones sexual preference or in this fight whatsoever, if these people are so godly they wouldnt be taking away personal rights in the first place. Not everyone believes in the bible, so to use that it is stated that homosexuality is a sin in the bible is irrelevant and you cannot use it. The two of us aren’t homosexuals ourselves, we just grasp the fact that personal rights cannot and should not be taken away. If you’re homosexual, it’s your personal choice, and it’s hurting no one. As we’ve said many times, it’s a personal choice and everyone has the right to make it for themselves. Smoking hurts not only the people who do it, yet the people around them. People die from second hand smoking, can you die from second hand homosexuality? If it offends you, go elsewhere. We have had quite enough of the vicious, spiteful, literally INSANE comebacks and lifestyles of the “VOTE YES ON ONE” people. We actually fought with a man who was hardcore on voting yes on one. We actually fought with him, and we won. He tried to persuade us into voting by telling us more homosexuals rape more young people than straight people. This is untrue, he gave us two examples of homosexual rapists. Therefore we told him how very appauled we were and procceeded on walking. While talking to this old man and discussing our political differences, he told us of tales of other empires who have fallen, supposedly due to homosexuality, when in reality, it was due to the pure ignorance and intolerance of differences and noncomfortmity that brought these cities to ruins. They met their just fate, and so will we IF YOU VOTE YES ON 1!

    Comment by Jackie and Courtney — 11/3/2005 @ 5:23 pm

  2. …which is why it’s so important to VOTE NO ON ONE

    Comment by admin — 11/3/2005 @ 6:01 pm

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