Option 1: Online: the Medicare Drug Plan Finder

Medicare Drug Plan Finder: lower left part of the page you’ll see “Where would you like to begin?” and the first item in the list is: Find a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Have your Medicare card handy. This is a multi-page, step by step process that looks like it might give you the best information. Get a cup of tea or coffee, take a little time and go through this to find:

Drug plans in your area: sorted by the plan with the lowest total cost for the drugs you take now - including deductibles and premiums.

Coverage: what kind of coverage each plan offers.

Convenience: the MDPF should be able to identify plans accepted by your regular pharmacy, plus nearby options or mail-order prescriptions.

Option 2: Over the Phone

Call 1-800 MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). Counselors will walk you through all of the alternatives and help you choose the plan that works best for you, as well as help you enroll.

Option 3: Specific Research

Medicare’s Formulary Finder: Search for a plan based on your state and the medication(s) and dosage(s) that you need.

List all the available plans in your state

PDF of Maine Plans
PDF version of the “Medicare and You” Book that you were supposed to have received

Anything else? See page bottom links at: http://www.medicare.gov/

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