NEWS OF: 5/25/2006

Slow: Some Women Working

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The number of women working in bridge and road construction jobs has dropped from 8% to 4.7% thanks to a federal contract with the state Department of Transportation that funds on-the-job training for women that has been in limbo since last October.

Elizabeth Jamison, executive director of Women Unlimited, a group that administers the job-training program for the state, said she has a signed contract that the FHA refuses to honor. See the KJ

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NEWS OF: 1/22/2006

Miss America: Building Intolerance


It’s official. The Miss America program has gone over to the Dark Side. Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry, now Miss America for 2005, won with a Desperate Housewives smile and the platform “Building Intolerance to Drunk Driving.” Building intolerance? That’s right. Because we’re in “hate the sinner” mode in America.

Forget “raising awareness” to problems. Don’t waste my time with “helping” anyone. Or even passively “encouraging sobriety.” I’m an American and that means I’m out of carrots, but I have a fistful of sticks.

I’m here with a 3-hour-a-day-workout figure (or an eating disorder,) a bleached smile and endless disgust for your human failings.
Other platforms that impressed the judges were “Spreading fear of Americans who look like terrorists,” and “refining our anger toward fat people.” See Miss Oklahoma

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NEWS OF: 11/22/2005

Maine Women Climb Another Rung Up the Pay Ladder


Maine ranks second in New England and Eight in the United States when it comes to closing the pay gap for women. It may have more to do with more women infiltrating traditional male strongholds such as road contruction. And while we’re on the topic of demystifying gender stereotyping, the impact of issues covered by the Maine Women’s Lobby weblog tends to get lost in all that Barbie pink.

NEWS OF: 9/26/2005

Women Get the Vote


After 82 years of accepting men only, Augusta’s all-male Franco-American Calumet Club, founded to promote friendship with everyone but women, apparently, has upgraded it’s charter to the 19th century to allow women to join. I once had the good fortune to move into an apartment previously inhabited by a couple of older men… one can only imagine the sights and smells that greeted those Iron Jawed Angels upon entering this old boy’s club. See

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