NEWS OF: 7/27/2006

Snakes on a Flame

California’s heat wave has taken a coil for the worse. Seeking relief from the heat, snakes are slithering their way indoors seeking cooler temperatures. The Weather Channel reports several snake calls to animal control in Castaic, California, from completely freaked out residents.

The heat wave is into day 11. 83 deaths are attributed to the heat. Animals are dying in the fields and crops are withering. The only good news is that the stress on California’s electric grid has eased slightly.

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NEWS OF: 7/18/2006

Unmarked Thunderstorms Rip Off DEA, Flatten Unmarked Cars

Powerful thunderstorms tore across Maine today, ripping off a 40-foot section of roof from a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency building and dropping said roof upon three unmarked DEA sedans. There was a sighting of a funnel cloud, baseball-sized hail in Dennysville, and chaos in general everywhere but Gorham, Maine, where stifling hot and muggy conditions remained uninterrupted.

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NEWS OF: 7/1/2006

Killer Asteroid XP14 to Skirt Earth Tomorrow

I don’t know what’s more upsetting, the fact that a 400 metre asteroid called XP14 is expected to squeak by the moon tomorrow at 2 pm, or the fact that it only made headlines the day before.
The asteroid will miss Earth by 430,000 kilometres - slightly further away than the Moon.

Next close call is scheduled for Friday, April 13, 2029, when another 400-metre-wide asteroid, called Apophis, is predicted to pass at a distance of just 22,000 miles.

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NEWS OF: 6/21/2006

Microburst Feels More “Macro”

Everyone’s cleaning up after a string of powerful thunderstorms rolled through York and Cumberland counties last night leaving forever unanswered the question, “is House a rerun?”

*ZAP!* *CRACK!* …[total darkness]

The damage was especially bad in Bridgton, where the National Weather Service said a microburst – not a tornado — blew down trees and power lines and damaged homes.

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NEWS OF: 6/9/2006

May Rainfall a Record-Breaker

May went down in the record books as the rainiest May and the fifth-rainiest month since records were kept in Portland - over 12 inches of rain in May. As of today, it has rained every day in June except for one - over 6″. See MSNBC

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NEWS OF: 6/1/2006

Soggy Bill for Last Year’s Floods Remains Unpaid

Maine’s flood-whacked cities and towns across 11 counties will have to wait until next year to get all the money owed them by the state for their share of repairs and cleanup funds from the floods of April 2005. That’s right. 2005. Last year’s floods.

And while state lawmakers have approved $880,000 for the overdue bills, it’s still short of the $1.3 million owed. See Bangor Daily

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NEWS OF: 5/25/2006

York County: An Official Disaster

President Bush has approved the major disaster declaration requested by Gov. Baldacci following the flooding in York County that caused an estimated $7.4 million in damage to public property including roads and bridges. Wells was hardest hit, with damages estimated at $2.4 million, while York and Ogunquit each reported damages totaling $1.3 million.

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NEWS OF: 5/17/2006

Flooding Claims 1,000 Homes

Flooding damaged more than 1,000 homes across Southern Maine over the past week and a half, and residents forced to evacuate were given the green light to return to their soggy abodes. On the bright side? York seems to have drained and is quickly getting back on its feet.

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NEWS OF: 5/15/2006

Welcome to Maine: BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat)

Maine’s monsoon season for 2006 has been a record-breaker, with almost a foot of rain falling and flooding New England up to Southern Maine - specifically York county. Families have been evacuated and the Governor has declared a state of emergency.

As of Sunday night? 11.39 inches had fallen in Wells. A bridge on the Cape Neddick River on Route 1A in York had buckled. The dam on Milton Pond is holding - for the moment. And at least a couple of Newfield men were trapped in the Little Ossipee River - forced to cling to a tree in the middle of the river until help arrived.

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NEWS OF: 1/19/2006

Power Outages Blow

Despite almost no snow, the gusty winds of the other day left around 26,000 people without power (and the rest of us with flickering power and no Internet) and you know what that means - our first declared state of emergency/disaster of the winter.

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NEWS OF: 1/2/2006

Pat Robertson Mum on Horrific Weather

Northern California is sliding into the sea while Oklahoma and Texas are going up in flames. Yet, not one word about the disfavor of an angry God from Pat Robertson nor the Christian Civic League — both of whom normally weigh in following weather disasters with forecast of gay damnation.

Aroostook’s Snow Job

It’s January and in Maine that means it’s time for snowmobile accidents and weather disasters. First request for federal aid this year by the Governor goes to Aroostook County which received three feet of snow - a record breaker! See the Gov.

NEWS OF: 10/31/2005

October Second or Third Wettest On the Books

October was wet, but not the wettest… nfor anyone else wondering. Now if only THAT would translate to a little less snow. See

NEWS OF: 10/24/2005

Global Warming Scientists Lose Maine Tourism Contract

Global Warming Experts are forecasting hotter summers, drier wells, coastal flooding, a decline in winter sports, increased rates of asthma and the spread of such apocalyptic plagues as Lyme disease, West Nile virus and other insect-borne illnesses in Maine. Man, never ask these guys anything on a Monday!

On top of that, we won’t have to wait long either (because the wait is always the deal killer … I want my Hell, now, thank you) as changes are already afoot. Scientists predict the climate of Boston may be more like that of Atlanta by the year 2100. Unfortunately, they predict no changes in traffic. See

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