NEWS OF: 8/7/2006

Uberwealthy to Minimum Wage Employees: Let Them Eat Cake

I do not understand the reasoning of those who would hang hundreds of billions of dollars in additional debt around the necks of our children and grandchildren simply to improve the lot in life of the heirs of the phenomenally wealthy.

Tom Allen is right. By saddling a paltry increase in the minimum wage with a permanent estate tax cut that would make the uberwealthy rich beyond calculation, Republicans have shown that they are completely out of touch with reality and do not care about the average working class American.

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NEWS OF: 7/26/2006

Allen: Bush Administration Thwarts Clean Air Act

U.S. Representative Tom Allen today welcomed a new U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report which found major shortcomings in the EPA’s implementation of the Clean Air Act. Said Allen, “This report confirms what many of us in Congress have long contended: the Bush Administration has mounted a systematic campaign to impede or simply block EPA’s enforcement of the Clean Air Act.” See Tom Allen

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NEWS OF: 7/12/2006

Minimum Wage: From Starvation to Dirt Poor

In 1997 the minimum wage hit $5.15 per hour. Even back then, adjusting for inflation, it was worth $5.03 per hour. Ten years later it’s still $5.15, only now, adjusting for inflation, it’s worth $4.04.

In 1997, congressional pay rates were $133,600 per year. Ten years later it’s $165,200. An increase of $31,600, a 23.65% increase.

At $5.15/hr, you will earn $31,600 in 6,136 hours (153 weeks, or just under 3 full years.)

These are the guys who don’t want to raise the federal minimum wage because it will cost taxpayers money. Democrats like Tom Allen want to raise the minimum wage to $7.25, taking them out of the destitute column and placing them firmly in the terribly poor column.

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NEWS OF: 6/25/2006

Allen Blasts Estate Tax Compromise as Fiscally Reckless

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Rep. Allen Allen voted against H.R. 5638, which would increase the estate tax exemption to $5 million ($10 million per couple) in 2010.

He supported an alternative measure that would have raised the amount of an estate excluded from taxes immediately to $3 million for individuals ($6 million per couple) and increased this further to $3.5 million in 2009 ($7 million for couples), providing more estate tax relief sooner than H.R. 5638, in a simpler, more fiscally responsible fashion.

However, the House passed H.R. 5638 by a margin of 269-156.

Allen referred to the bill as a compromise between fiscal irresponsibility and fiscal recklessness,” calling it, “another example of the misplaced priorities of the Republican Congress, rewarding people with wealth at the expense of people who work. It will protect the fortunes of Fortune 500 heirs to the misfortune of the children whose families struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

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NEWS OF: 6/16/2006

Iraq is Just Sand and Coffins, Baby…

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House Republicans today rejected a timetable for pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq, and in a 256-153 vote, approved a nonbinding resolution that:

1. praises U.S. troops,
2. labels the Iraq war part of the larger global fight against terrorism,
3. and says an “arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment” of troops is not in the national interest.

Retreat is not an option in Iraq,” declared House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio. “Achieving victory is our only option… We have no choice but to confront these terrorists, win the war on terror and spread freedom and democracy around the world.” Tom Allen offers this response.

The majority of terrorists associated with the 9/11 tragedy were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. And as a host country for terrorism? Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan are more likely targets.

Iraq’s invasion was planned, according to some, since before the 9/11 attacks. Now, roughly $300 billion dollars has been spent on an unwinable war with no clear enemy.

The Republicans are rolling the big dice as November draws near, trying to re-sell this war by any means possible. $288 billion dollars is a lot of money… but it’s nothing compared to your childrens’ lives. Keeping this war alive means a draft. Not during this administration, but certainly during the next Republican administration, when a draft would be sold as a necessary evil.

Iraq has nothing to offer this country but sand and coffins.

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NEWS OF: 6/12/2006

Allen Blasts Warmongering Republicans for Subverting Democracy

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After both House and Senate approved language stating that “it was not the policy of this nation to establish a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq” from an emergency appropriations bill (H.R. 4939, The Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Hurricane Recovery for Fiscal Year 2006) that very same language was removed by Republican leaders.

Said Rep. Tom Allen, “Removal in the conference report is another example of how the Republican leadership routinely subverts the will of rank and file members of both parties. This is a breach of faith with Members of the House and Senate from both sides of the aisle who want to end the violence and chaos that plague Iraq.”

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NEWS OF: 5/18/2006

Androscoggin River Water: Exfoliate Your Tummy

The 2007 Interior-Environment Appropriations bill does include additional funding for Acadia National Park -and $216 million in cuts to key conservation and clean water programs.

From Rep. Michaud, “Cutting programs like the CWSRF hurts the ability of our local communities to promote clean water. This year’s Interior bill cuts the program by $200 million. Over the last three years, the Fund has been reduced by $662 million or nearly 50 percent.”

From Rep. Allen, “Clean water is a necessity, and Maine people don’t want to reverse 40 years of steady progress toward restoring our waterways. Fumes from the river’s pollution routinely peeled the paint off cars and houses along the Androscoggin back in the 1960s when Senator Edmund Muskie introduced the first federal clean water legislation.”

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NEWS OF: 5/8/2006

Two Maine National Guard Soldiers Killed, 1 Seriously Injured

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Two Maine National Guard soldiers were killed over the weekend. Sgt. Dale James Kelly Jr. of Richmond, Maine and Sgt. David Michael Veverka of Jamestown, Pennsylvania, were killed in a roadside bombing, May 6, 2006. Private Christopher Fraser, of Windsor, Maine was seriously wounded. As of today, Americans killed: 2644. Price tag? $279,240,301,182. See CBS Boston and a statement on the tragedy by Tom Allen.

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NEWS OF: 5/5/2006

Tom Allen for Senate

Tom Allen, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has outlined a four-point plan to provide immediate relief from rising oil prices.

H.R. 3936, The Federal Response to Energy Emergencies (or FREE) Act, would give the FTC the explicit authority to investigate and punish those who artificially inflate the price of energy. (At the moment that would be everyone selling energy.)

H.R. 5248, The Prevent Unfair Manipulation of Prices (or PUMP) Act, would require off-market oil speculators to comply with the same rules that already apply to on-market traders.

H.R. 3944, The Small Business Fuel Cost Relief Act is legislation Representative Allen introduced after Hurricane Katrina to allow eligible businesses to claim a tax credit for any amount they spend on fuel (including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and heating oil) over the price on Labor Day 2004, plus the rate of inflation.

Representative Allen also called for an immediate repeal of massive subsidies Congress gave to big oil companies in last year’s energy bill.

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NEWS OF: 4/25/2006

Republican Congress in Denial: Henny Penny The Earth is Overheating!

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Great rant from Tom Allen about how Republicans in congress are ignoring major issues like global warming to Medicare Part D, war in Iraq, and health insurance. From Tom: “Congress is in recess. Again. So far, the House of Representatives has been in session only 21 days in 2006. If the House sticks to the leadership’s schedule for the rest of the year, we will meet for a grand total of 93 voting days. This abysmal tally is worse than the 108 day record set by the Congress that President Harry Truman labeled “do-nothing” during his 1948 re-election campaign.”

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NEWS OF: 4/19/2006

Christian Civic League: Refinancing Peter to Back Paul

The Christian Civic League and Colorado-based “Focus on the Family,” are focusing neither on Christianity nor the family but deconstructing campaign finance reform.

The CCL filed its lawsuit in a DC federal district court and claims that BCRA (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002) is unconstitutional “as applied” to a radio ad the group wants to air in May and June, within 30 days of the Maine primary election. The ad refers to Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Right before any election radio and TV become a virtual sea of misinformation, corruption and scandal.

Oddly, religious groups that seize upon some obscure tidbit of Old Testament lore as a divine mandate to toss all gays into the Pit of Peril are strangely comfortable with their own ethics violations. See: “A Christian Defense of Attack Ads: Why negative issue and character ads are ethically justified.”

The law, in this case, prohibits corporations and labor unions from paying for advertisements that refer to federal candidates in the immediate pre-election period. While no one wants to quell free speech, the law seeks to avoid having national money paying for local politics. A Christian sugar daddy like Dr. James Dobson, if you will, picking up the tab for the little old bankrupt Christian Civic League.

The sad fact is that television and radio ads have lost their credibility. The money spent on them is a waste — until all those running ads agree to have them fact-checked in advance before they can be run on air. Can I hear an “Amen?”

See Tom Allen

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NEWS OF: 4/5/2006

It’s my party and I’ll spend if I want to

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First the Senate passed ethics reforms that stop everything but ethics violations. Now, campaign financing is getting the same treatment thanks to a provision in H.R. 513 that would return campaign laws to the “pre-Watergate dark ages” according to Rep. Tom Allen by (1.) eliminating all limits on what the party can spend on congressional candidates, thereby (2.) opening the door to nationally funded candidates controlled by the party headquarters in D.C. who, (3.) have only limited local interest.

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NEWS OF: 3/28/2006

What not to wear? Sanford’s Apron

The “apron” at an airport is defined as: that part of an aerodrome, other than the Manoeuvring Area, intended to be accommodate the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo; the refueling, servicing, maintenance and parking of aircraft; and any movement of aircraft, vehicles and pedestrians necessary for such purposes. In layman’s terms it sounds like everything but the runway.

Either way, Tom Allen announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation, through the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program, has awarded a grant of $1.1 million to Sanford Regional Airport to gussy up its apron.

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NEWS OF: 3/27/2006

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Tom Allen’s kicking off his new campaign website.

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