NEWS OF: 4/1/2006

Can you steal me now? Good!

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The Legislature is close to passing a bill making it illegal to sell cell phone records: customers’ personal information, calls made, calls received and, in Maine, calls dropped. The bill is basically supported by everyone including the Governor. See PPH

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NEWS OF: 2/7/2006

Want a better Internet? You belong at GMail

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America Online and Yahoo! are just a couple of Internet providers who run your incoming email through a variety of filters to sift out the junk. Until now. Yahoo and AOL will be charging “good” email senders (Wal*Mart, local realtors, car dealers) upwards of a penny per-email to bypass the filtering software and deliver “certified” crap to your mailbox. Mind you, it looks, smells and deletes just like all those emails for Chinese Viagra.

The two companies are working with Goodmail Systems, an e-mail certification company that determines which email senders are good (they pay for the service) and bad (they don’t have a contract.) The new plans won’t actually do anything to stop illegal spammers, either. See Forbes.

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NEWS OF: 6/2/2005

Bandwidth Bill Blues

Senator Snowe is co-sponsoring legislation that would encourage extending high-speed Internet access to the boonies by creating tax incentives to high speed service providers willing to save the locals from dial up. See Olympia Snowe.

NEWS OF: 4/18/2005

…and the Website you rode in on

It’s not bad enough that Maine’s sex offender registry laws aren’t necessarily the best in the nation… now the website stinks as well. Taking top honors for better data? Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry with a 5.98 score. Maine got a 1.9. See Maine Today.

NEWS OF: 4/6/2005

Bandwidth Blues Bills

Lack of high-speed Internet access in rural Maine is killing the State according to … well, virtually anyone using dial-up. A new bill proposes a study to determine if municipalities could act as Internet service providers in areas where high-speed Internet service is now lacking. A second bill proposed by Rep. Hannah Pingree, (D-North Haven), would create the Maine Broadband Advisory Council (MBAC, for short) to expand the authority of the PUC to regulate line-sharing agreements and establish right-of-way rules. (LD 1128) See Bangor News.

NEWS OF: 3/27/2005

You’ve Got (Rural) Mail!

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For $15.99 a month, rural Mainers will soon be able to surf the web thanks to the two entrepreneurial owners of Mesh-Air Inc., who have designed a system of intelligent WiFi nodes that can bounce a signal from “mountaintop to barn roof to chicken coop to front porch.” The service is 200 times faster than dial up, which means less dial-up dance and more spam sifting. It remains to be seen whether the system will be undone by the fact that the wifi nodes look like car mufflers. See or surf directly to

NEWS OF: 2/22/2005

Governor’s Dream of Seamless Cell-Phone Coverage Praised as ****DROPPED CALL****

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The Governor wants seamless cell phone calling from Madawaska to Kittery and Lubec to Jackman. No word on whether that includes Running Hill Road (after the house with the nice flower garden), Scarborough (too many places to list), and that little dip before you get to Hansen’s Farm Market on 114. See: Trying to Make Cell Calls Heard at the Press Herald.

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