NEWS OF: 4/18/2005

…and the Website you rode in on

It’s not bad enough that Maine’s sex offender registry laws aren’t necessarily the best in the nation… now the website stinks as well. Taking top honors for better data? Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry with a 5.98 score. Maine got a 1.9. See Maine Today.

NEWS OF: 4/12/2005

Unregistered Sex Offenders

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How many sex offenders are there in your neighborhood? Not “are” there sex offenders but “how many”? Sex offenders committed of crimes prior to 1992 are not required to register with local officials. Sex offenders who have served their time are legally entitled to their rights and privacy. Until it’s your kid. Or your sister. Family member. Whatever. Several bills that would toughen the current rules regarding where sex offenders can live, and with whom they have to register are being hotly debated. See Press Herald

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