NEWS OF: 2/1/2006

Snowe, Collins Face Music, Heat Over Alito

Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins are drawing criticism for their support on the confirmation vote of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Both are being acused of betraying both the moderate line as well as courting disaster for civil liberties.

Snowe argued that she couldn’t predict how Alito would rule in future cases. Samuel Alito was an active member in an exclusive white male club that dedicated its time to preventing women and minorities from accessing higher education. That past decision shows a poverty of goodwill and an inability to simply accept change — 30+ years ago. Forget forward-thinking. Forget visionary. Alito’s coping skills were so lacking that he joined a hate group.

Alito’s claim that he was in the group to support ROTC is like saying you joined the Klan because you needed fresh sheets.

But in a world where a former Hitler Youth can become Pope? I suppose anything goes.

As for Snowe and Collins, their biggest selling factor to Maine’s Democrats was the appearance of moderation. Will this come back to haunt them? You bet. See PPH

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NEWS OF: 1/31/2006

Goodbye Freedom, Adios Privacy, Hello Alito

It’s official. The vote was 58-42, the smallest number of Democratic senators to support a justice in modern history - a statistic that truly defines the word “meaningless” at this point… All but one Republican Senator voted for Alito. Both of Maine’s Senators voted to confirm Alito, almost ensuring for themselves future opportunities to tell wonderful stories about how women once had the right to vote, among other rights.

Okay. No point in crying over this one. Every Democrat in the Senate needs to start buying this guy lunch, drinks, whatever it takes to turn him…

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NEWS OF: 1/30/2006

Senator Snowe Decries Filibuster

Saying, “While I have not made any decision yet on an up-or-down vote on the nominee itself, I find it regrettable that there are those who are trying to resurrect a filibuster even as there is clearly nothing in the record that constitutes extraordinary circumstances. This unfortunate effort only serves to further politicize and polarize this process when this should be a time of careful deliberation based on the facts of the nominee’s record and testimony.”

Oh, I’m not even going to bother…

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NEWS OF: 1/27/2006

Sen. Collins Will Vote For Alito

“Based on the record before me, I believe Judge Alito will be a justice who will exercise his judicial duties guided not by personal views, but based on what the facts, the law, and the Constitution command.” See Sen. Collins

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NEWS OF: 1/26/2006


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With two more democrats backing Alito - Senators Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia and Tim Johnson of South Dakota - a democratic fillibuster seems unlikely.

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NEWS OF: 1/25/2006

Alito’s Clerks Love Him

President Bush met with a group of former clerks for Judge Alito who strangely supported him completely. Were any of those clerks Hispanic? Gay? Women? Similarly Alito’s family, parents and friends also gave him a double thumbs up. See Washington Post

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NEWS OF: 1/24/2006

Alito’s Supreme Court: Origami Lions

Finding the pony in an Alito confirmation, Samuel Alito’s vision is of a high court that plays a more limited role in government. Removing the Supreme Court from high profile political cases by turning over more authority to the other two branches of government.

This limited authority would kick in, of course, as soon as they overturn Roe vs. Wade, repeal the vote for women, and maybe Blacks and Hispanics… annoint Jesus Christ to the new 39 cent stamp, eliminate birth control and sex education… return prayer to school and remove science… then they’ll turn over the car keys.

This is actually good news. First, the new Supreme Court will lose most of its impact in the lives of average Americans so we can stop worrying about what idiot is in the White House and who he/she may nominate. Like England’s royal family, the high court would be reduced to an origami lion. Considering they are in for life with virtually no minimum judicial experience required, that’s good. Because the original lifetime tenure of a court member was 14.9 years. Today it’s much longer. If a President is free to nominate a candidate like Harriet Miers who could serve for 30 years, then the appointment should be legally defined as the cake job that it is.
It’s also more effective than term limits on the Supreme Court, which average around 18 years, because we could then focus our attention on the executive and legislative branches of governments. President? Four to eight years tops. Senators? Six.

It might mean something of a rollercoaster ride for Americans, who would find their rights blinking on and off every 4 years, but it beats the alternative. See Mercury News

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NEWS OF: 1/22/2006

Hispanics on Alito: No me gusto!

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Leaders of Hispanic organizations do not support Senate confirmation of Samuel Alito as a Supreme Court justice, predicting his accession to the bench would erode civil rights and advances made by Hispanics in the United States. Citing an analysis of his 15-year record as a federal judge, Hispanic leaders felt Alito has been hostile to the interests of minorities. This opens a tiny window of hope considering how strongly Republicans courted the Hispanic vote. See IBL News

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NEWS OF: 1/19/2006

Alito: Liberty and Justice and Privacy for Some

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Alito’s responses to questioning regarding the rights of Americans to privacy implied that the majority of conservative Americans might be entitled, but women, blacks, hispanics, gays, and the disabled? Well…it depends. So maybe now is a good time to start pressing for term limits on the Supreme Court. See the Bay Area Reporter

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NEWS OF: 1/17/2006

Alito Confirmation Delayed by Democrats

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About the Alito confirmation? Give me a few days

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NEWS OF: 1/12/2006

Alito: Spontaneous Support from Seven Carefully Picked White Men

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becker.pngIt boils down to this. If you’re white, male, and found the three ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” to be annoying? You’ll be happy with Alito as your new Supreme. If you’re a woman? Black? Make less than six figures? Or fit into virtually any group that can be called a minority? Get a passport now. If you’re a senior citizen? You can turn this into a win-win by moving to Iraq, since that’s where all the money is.

Now, back to the formalities of the Alito confirmation…

“A judge shall not testify as a character witness.”

It’s in the judicial code of conduct. Nonetheless, seven current and former judges from the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, came out to testify on behalf of Alito. Democrats were concerned about conflict of interest since any of these judges could later find their cases in front of Alito who, in turn, might feel that he owed them a little favor. This, of course, is business as usual to Republicans who pointed out that judical code of conduct also permits judges to act as witnesses in the judicial selection process, and who the ^&$#@ asked for your opinion anyway…


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NEWS OF: 1/11/2006

Alito: Concerned Alumni of the He Man Woman-Hater’s Club

When Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito was asked today whether he considered Roe v. Wade to be “settled law,” he refused to answer. Alito’s confirmation seems likely given the amount of Republican support he has. Women would be well advised to prepare themselves to start researching new ways to reclaim the right to choose, or start researching other options.
Also on the table is Alito’s membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, the neoconservative group formed in 1972 in opposition to Princeton’s decision to admit women. There seems to be a trend here… See Mercury News

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NEWS OF: 1/10/2006

Alito: White (House) Supremacist

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Alito assuaged congressional concerns today that, if confirmed, he’d become a “White  House Supremacist” and believer in unchecked Executive Branch power — by pledging “to keep an open mind.”

Well, thank goodness. Whew. Show’s over. He’s going to keep an open mind, so everything is okay, right? See Chicago Tribune

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NEWS OF: 1/9/2006

Alito Confirmed by Sister…

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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) gaveled the confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. to order yesterday See Washington Post.

At issue are privacy concerns, Alito’s earlier involvement with groups criticized as both racist and anti-women, and random samplings of Alito following his own spinning moral compass - offering to recuse himself from cases that could be seen as a conflict of interest, only to later review those cases, finding in favor of such individuals as his sister.

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