NEWS OF: 4/21/2006

McCarthy: Leak or Freeing Up a Little Truth?

The CIA fired officer Mary McCarthy for leaking classified information about secret prisons in Europe to reporter Dana Priest of the Washington Post on more than a dozen occasions. The CIA requires personnel to sign a secrecy agreement. McCarthy is under investigation by the Justice Department.

President Bush leaked classified information about weapons of mass destruction and was also fired for jeopardizing the Nation’s security.
Oh, wait a minute… he wasn’t.

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NEWS OF: 2/23/2006

Osama B.L. Port Security, LLC

First, President Bush wants to outsource America’s (mostly blue state) port security to the Arabs.  Then, a spluttering Scott McClellan acknowledged the president did not even know about the sale of U.S. ports until after his administration had already approved it

As in, the former British company could have been sold to Osama Bin Laden and the President wouldn’t have known about it. Or it could have been sold to a shell corporation run by the Taliban and he wouldn’t have known about it.

How about an American company?  Are there virtually no American companies that are qualified to do this work?  Oh, man… I’m going to be sick.

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