NEWS OF: 3/30/2006

Nevada Gets the Bomb

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Citizens of Nevada will see a huge mushroom cloud rising over the desert in June when the Pentagon detonates a 700-ton bomb described as the biggest open-air chemical blast ever. It’s all part of military weapons research code named, “Destroy Nevada,” and includes 700 tons of heavy ammonium nitrate-fuel oil emulsion, creating a blast equivalent to 593 tons of TNT, but only if the bus carrying the bomb drives less than 55 mph. See Washington Post

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NEWS OF: 2/6/2006

Quadrennial Defense Review: Funky Fortune Cookies

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Senator Snowe believes that the Pentagon’s four-year strategic military plan (the Quadrennial Defense Review) will “allow our nation’s military to confront a dangerous and ever changing terrorist threat, while simultaneously working to constrain emerging regional powers like China.”

Constrain China? When they outnumber us by about 4 to 1? From what fortune cookie did they pull that prediction? Let’s all take a moment to heed the wisdom of The Princess Bride: Never start a land war in Asia

According to Bejing’s official population ticker, China numbers over 1.3 billion. And they are using Javascript- that’s how fast their population is growing. India is next with over a billion. Then comes the United States with just 298,055,719.

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NEWS OF: 2/5/2006

Klingon Nation

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The Pentagon has produced a 20-year military strategy for US troops to be deployed, both overtly and covertly, in dozens of countries at once to fight terrorism and other non-traditional threats. This includes a 15% boost in Special Operations Forces (that might explain those jacked up, ATV filled Border Patrol ads popping up on the Comedy Network) along with doubling the number of unmanned aerial drones, billions for counter-biological warfare, and special teams to find, track and defuse nuclear bombs and other catastrophic weapons. The Austrailian

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NEWS OF: 2/3/2006

Pentagon’s Thinking of Adding Another Side…

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In a new blueprint for U.S. defenses, the Pentagon proposes not only to build better weapons but to work more closely with other countries so they can do more to help win the war on terror. Given the half trillion dollars it is costing the U.S., it may be difficult to find countries who can afford to “help” us. See SFGate

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NEWS OF: 9/6/2005

No Child Left Alive

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Military recruiters have the names of America’s juniors and seniors thanks to a less-publicized tid bit in the “No Child Left Behind” law.

Parents have the option of declining to participate in the program, and schools are sending letters to parents of students informing them of their right to prevent military recruiters from obtaining personal information about their child or children. See Morning Sentinel

NEWS OF: 3/2/2005

$2 mil. Pregnancy

Snowe and Collins are pushing the DOD to spend $2 for Pregnancy Recovery Education to assist working military mothers actively serving shortly after childbirth. See: Susan Collins

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