NEWS OF: 8/13/2006

Social Security: Last to Fall

Allowing very wealthy people to manage the future of Social Security is like asking the Pope to teach high school seniors the finer points of condom use.
social security fund projections

George Bush has never waited nor wanted for anything. Save for the live intern thrown into his cage once a month, neither has Dick Cheney.

Social Security is not about to collapse. In fact, Administrations for years have cheerfully double dipped — raiding Social Security for every budget shortfall — while loudly proclaiming that the system was “running out of money” because of all the people receiving Social Security. Not so.

First, Social Security funds should be untouchable. Need a $13,000 water fountain for the Pentagon? Try a bake sale. Second, let’s create real stewardship of the fund: a bipartisan, multi-ethnic, multi-age consortium of individuals who aren’t millionaires. Real people, not a bunch of tittering financial neocons playing Dungeons and Dragons with your grandmother’s future. Or trading your children’s college education for “democracy in Syria.”

Because the Bush dream of privatizing Social Security will result in the system running out of funds. It’s just another failed Bush business plan. The only pie into which several Republican fingers have not been crammed up to the knuckles… But despite overwhelming voter rejection? The Bush administration is determined to go ahead with the plan after the 2006 elections — that is, when it is as far as possible from the next time they would have to face the American voters.

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NEWS OF: 6/12/2006

Michaud Reminds Parents & Students: Consolidate by June 30, 06

June 30th is the last day that students and parents have to consolidate student loans before interest rates rise July 1, 2006 to just over 7 percent – the highest rate in six years. The rate on outstanding federal parent loans are expected to rise to about 7.8 percent.

Student borrowers who consolidate before July 1st may be eligible for a rate as low as 4.75 percent over the life of their loans, saving the typical undergraduate borrower almost $3,500.

Parents? See Rep. Mike Michaud

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NEWS OF: 5/18/2006

Androscoggin River Water: Exfoliate Your Tummy

The 2007 Interior-Environment Appropriations bill does include additional funding for Acadia National Park -and $216 million in cuts to key conservation and clean water programs.

From Rep. Michaud, “Cutting programs like the CWSRF hurts the ability of our local communities to promote clean water. This year’s Interior bill cuts the program by $200 million. Over the last three years, the Fund has been reduced by $662 million or nearly 50 percent.”

From Rep. Allen, “Clean water is a necessity, and Maine people don’t want to reverse 40 years of steady progress toward restoring our waterways. Fumes from the river’s pollution routinely peeled the paint off cars and houses along the Androscoggin back in the 1960s when Senator Edmund Muskie introduced the first federal clean water legislation.”

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NEWS OF: 4/5/2006

Meth’d Up

VIEW ALL: Mike Michaud, Drugs

Rep. Mike Michaud is voting to pass H.Res.556, a resolution to create a National Methamphetamine Prevention Week. For a little education, try PBS: The Meth Epidemic.

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NEWS OF: 4/3/2006

Michaud: Maine Gets WIRED

A $15 million federal Workforce Innovation Regional Economic Development (WIRED) grant will be used to strengthen Maine’s economy and create jobs in the high-tech composites and marine-related sectors. Rep. Mike Michaud announced the happy news.

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NEWS OF: 3/2/2006

Mike Michaud: Dubai Port Security Weakens National Security

Mike Michaud says, “the sale of key economic and security assets to a foreign state-owned entity could result in the weakening of our national security. We cannot afford to take risks on this issue.” Why?

Because more than 98 percent of cargo imported and exported from the United States is transported on foreign-flagged vessels - more than 11 million containers entered the US last year while only 5% of these containers were physically inspected. Current growth predictions indicate that container cargo will quadruple over the next 20 years. See Mike Michaud

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NEWS OF: 2/22/2006

300 Humvees in Limestone

Senators Snowe and Collins and Congressman Mike Michaud announced that the U.S Army has awarded the Maine Military Authority’s Maine Readiness Sustainment Maintenance Center (MRSMC) in Limestone with a one year, $3 million, contract to refurbish 300 Humvees.   See Michaud

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NEWS OF: 2/19/2006

Second Life for BNAS

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has awarded the State of Maine a $200,000 grant to study the feasibility for potential reuse of the Brunswick Naval Air Station for civilian use.

“Federal funding for this study has been a priority for us, for Governor Baldacci, for the local redevelopment authorities in Brunswick and Topsham, and for everyone involved in planning the future of BNAS,” Senators Snowe and Collins and Representatives Allen and Michaud said. “This is great news for the entire Midcoast Area as we move forward in the effort to capitalize on redevelopment efforts at BNAS.” See Tom Allen

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NEWS OF: 2/17/2006

Michaud: Give a Little Bit

VIEW ALL: Mike Michaud, LIHEAP

Congressman Michaud has introduced legislation intended to increase funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The resolution states that it is the sense of Congress that, following a year of record setting profits, major petroleum products companies should incorporate LIHEAP into their corporate citizenship and responsibility programs by donating a small percentage of their profits to the program. See Mike Michaud

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NEWS OF: 1/26/2006

Support the Troops?

More than 260,000 veterans applied to receive health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in fiscal year 2005 but were turned away because of the Bush Administration’s cost-cutting decision to limit veterans’ access to VA hospitals, clinics and medications. See Michaud.

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NEWS OF: 12/19/2005

Defense Appropriations Passes House to Everyone’s Disappointment

The Defense Appropriations conference report passed the House at 5:04 a.m. this morning by a vote of 308-106, but no one is happy about it.

Senator Collins is unhappy about the provision that would allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and even more unhappy that Republicans attached this volatile issue to one that was likely to be approved. Rep. Allen is unhappy that the bill fails to provide adequate near-term support for BIW to protect the shipyard’s workforce.

Meanwhile, Rep. Michaud joined a bipartisan group to oppose the bill, saying, “I simply couldn’t vote for a bill that threatens our environment and enacts a one-percent across-the-board cut, or $8 billion, for programs that help our most hard-pressed. This abuse of process is being done to please oil companies and drug companies and at the expense of average Americans through cuts in defense spending, homeland security, FBI, education, and health care.”

NEWS OF: 12/17/2005

Secret Wiretaps Upset Maine Lawmakers

Maine’s congressional delegation is unhappy about allegations of NSA wiretapping, with Democrats more outraged and Republicans “concerned.” See Press Herald

NEWS OF: 12/10/2005

OxyContin Addicts Running Out of Doctors

Senators Collins and Snowe, and Congressmen Allen and Michaud are lobbying the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to exempt Maine’s buprenorphine-waivered physicians from the 30-patient cap imposed under current law on individuals who prescribe these drugs in their offices to treat opiate addictions. Buprenorphine, by the way, is an alternative to methadone.

Maine has one of the highest rates of opioid addiction in the nation, thanks to OxyContin (a.k.a. Hillbilly heroin) and among the highest number of physicians per capita approved for prescribing buprenorphine. However, our methadone treatment programs are at capacity, as are the buprenorphine-waivered physicians. See Collins

NEWS OF: 11/10/2005

Deficit Reduction Act Leaves U.S. Third World Nation

“The Congress is about to consider a proposal that is one of the worst I have ever seen in my years so far in Congress. This bill cuts a total of $50 billion for assistance to farmers, food assistance for the poor, student loan assistance, Medicaid, conservation funding, and help for people with disabilities. The Senate version of the bill even opens up ANWR to drilling…”

The good news is that passage will allow America to qualify for programs like C.A.R.E.

See Mike Michaud

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