NEWS OF: 2/27/2006

Paul Madore Wants Your Grandma to Freeze and Die. Oh, and He’s Catholic.

Okay. Here’s what happened. Reps. Tim Driscoll and Bob Duplessie helped out with a fundraising spaghetti dinner on Saturday night at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Westbrook. Proceeds of the meal went to “Keep ME Warm,” a program that donates money to low-income families and seniors to help them heat their homes over the winter months because the cost of heating oil is outrageous and it’s like -4 degrees this evening with the windchill. The Catholic Diocese of Portland provided the location for the event.Ah, but at least one - if not both - of the representatives is “Pro-Choice.” Oh, sure, this event had nothing to do with abortion, but that’s where Paul Madore comes in.

Paul Madore, is director of the “Maine Grassroots Coalition,” one of Maine’s most homophobic Catholic groups. His website routinely includes such calls to action as phoning your priest to “find out where he stands on homosexuality” and then reporting back so that if said priest shows any signs of turning the other cheek or loving thy neighbor, the Coalition can stage a protest.

Which is exactly what they did. Paul Madore and about a dozen supporters rallied Saturday at the diocesan offices in Portland claiming that “Pro-life Catholics have the responsibility to denounce evil.”

Okay. In that case, we denounce Paul Madore. Keeping old people warm in the middle of a Maine winter is about as pro-life a stance as you can take. Turning a nice little spaghetti dinner into your own political soapbox is bad for everyone’s spiritual digestion. And appointing yourself to be Maine’s denouncer of evil? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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