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What do you call it when you find loads of personal information (like names and Social Security Numbers) floating around in a dumpster outside the State Archives Records Center in Hallowell? You call it “a breakdown in security procedures”
CBS affiliate WGME was investigating how Maine’s state government handles personal information.
“What was […]

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Federal investigators from the Government Accountability Office have reported “key information security controls missing” from a huge communication network used by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. As a result, sensitive, personally identifiable information “could be improperly modified, disclosed or deleted.” Moreover, the report said, “these weaknesses could lead to disruptions in services” […]

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Secretary of Veterans Affairs R. James Nicholson has announced that VA will provide one year of free credit monitoring to vets whose sensitive personal information may have been stolen in that incident where the VA employee walked off with thousands of personnel files on a CD, and then the CD came up missing? See […]

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