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GMO and Organic Seed Smackdown

What do you do when your organic crop is threatened by genetically modified seeds? Rep. James Schatz, D-Blue Hill, said his bill would assign liability to the manufacturer of genetically engineered plants, rather than the farmer, when someone sues over plants coming into their property. A person could sue for damages including the cost […]

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There is evidence that genetically engineered crops - in particular - insect resistant crops producing the Bt-toxin may be why honeybee colonies are mysteriously dying.
Healthy bees do not seem to be affected by Bt pollen, but scientist Hans-Hinrich Kaatz in Germany has found that bees infested with parasites who consume Bt pollen died at […]

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The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced today that meat and milk from cloned animals are safe for human consumption. But cloned animals have a higher mortality rate than non-cloned animals, which speaks to either a breakdown of genetic vitality or something much more deadly that we’ll discover years from now once it’s too […]

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