NEWS OF: 12/21/2005

Polar Bears: 1, Ted Stevens: Bupkis - Senate Blocks Drilling in Alaska

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Republicans efforts to slide through the trashing of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge by tacking it onto the popular defense spending bill that allocates money for Iraq troops and victims of Hurricane Katrina failed today when the Senate RJ’d the plan, effectively tying up $450 billion bucks.

Pro-drilling Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was hoping that Christmas itchiness and Senate fatigue would result in his dream of turning the Alaska wildlife refuge into Alaskan wildlife refuse, but Senate Democrats foiled that plan with a filibuster. See VOA

NEWS OF: 4/25/2005

“Conservative” Republicans Trash Constitution

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Remember when the Republican party was home to “conservative” constitutional minimalists who wanted the government to fix potholes, raise an army and stay the heck out of everyone’s personal business? Fast forward 50 years and the “republican” party is seriously mounting a campaign to overthrow a 200+ year old keystone of our democracy: the filibuster. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is enlisting evangelicals to pressure senators by taking the “anti-filibuster” message directly to the nation’s churches.

More than 140 organizations representing a broad cross section of groups oppose the efforts of some Republican leaders to eliminate the over 200-year-old filibuster in the U.S. Senate. For those not up to date on the filibuster, take a moment to read the National Constitution Center’s Brief History of the Filibuster.

Other Resources: An overview of the republican strategy, known as the “Nuclear Option” and a few facts about Bush administration nominees from Save Our Courts.

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