NEWS OF: 6/19/2006

Is Michael Heath HOH-MO-SEXUAL?

michaelheath.jpg The leader of Maine’s Christian Civic League is worried about the “HOH-MO-SEXUAL” agenda… but technically, there’s no way he could have gotten his hands on a copy of it unless he, himself, is gay. It’s called the HOH-MO-SEXUAL agenda for a reason.

Portland’s Gay Pride Parade drew a wide variety of supporters from an ever-widening group of churches. It also drew the Christian Civic League, Maine’s beloved, if completely misguided dotty old christian relative, with their usual message about how we’re all going to Hell.

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NEWS OF: 6/15/2006

Gay Witch Hunt: Hug a Biblical Extremist for Jesus

In an effort to prove that “homosexual” claims of discrimination are completely groundless, the Christian Civic League will be attending this Saturday’s Gay Pride Parade - protesting Maine’s gay and lesbian citizens, questioning their right to exist, spreading misinformation, videotaping the parade, and posting a list of public officials who attend, no doubt in hopes of fueling a Gay Witch Hunt.

Portland Mayor Jim Cohen offered that the CCL does have a right to protest, but that their presence would be a disappointing distraction. Said Cohen, “The people of Maine have spoken loud and clear. Their belief is that Maine is an equal and open state that does not believe in discrimination.”

The Press Herald also referred to the presence of the CCL as “intimidation,” prompting Michael Heath to offer a cryptic video message about the video they will be making… proving at the very least that the Christian Civic League has a new video camera.

Said Heath, “Worse, gay activists have attacked, beaten, and spat upon individuals who protest their politically-correct celebrations of ‘diversity.’ It is a story that the pro-homosexual media conveniently chose to ignore.

Gay Pride Parade attendees? Take a moment as you walk past the Christian Civic League protestors to stop and give each person a good long hug. Obviously, it’s time for a little healing…

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NEWS OF: 4/28/2006

Jerry Falwell: Cursed by God with Chins, Gays, Jews

According to ABC News, “When the Rev. Jerry Falwell speaks from behind the lectern at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., there is a unique presence surrounding him.” It’s called cellulite.

Falwell has joined Pat Robertson on the short bus in recent years, proclaiming Teletubby Tinky Winky to be gay or waxing poetic about killing terrorists for Jesus.

Both men are classic examples of the graceless slide into old age. Everyone has a senior family member who is or was a ranting nutbag, suffered by a family quietly counting down the clock. Falwell’s influence is passing. The next generation just doesn’t hate the same people with the same vehemence.

We’re all gay. Or know someone who is. Or have a brother/sister/parent who’s “out.” Or we just don’t care because a nuclear holocaust with Iran is higher on our list of things to worry about because it feels more like a “real issue” and less like mindlessly jumping on some old man’s queer smear.

Enter Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, who, in a convocation address Wednesday to about 9,000 students at Liberty University, called for tolerance on the topic of gay civil rights. Rabbi Yoffie drew a few hisses and boos.

Falwell told the crowd, “nobody ever booed me in a synagogue when I said things opposite to what they believed.” And you know THAT had to hurt.

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NEWS OF: 1/5/2006

Gay Republicans… Political Pandas

Log Cabin Republicans of Maine is a new provisional chapter of the national pancake house leading the charge for gay and lesbian rights. Portland activist Noah Hincks and former chair of Portland Outright along with other civic leaders have established the chapter to embrace the seven or eight gay/lesbian republicans in Maine before they go Green. See Monument News

NEWS OF: 12/28/2005

We’re Here, We’re Queer… And That’s About It

Maine’s anti-discrimination laws went into effect today and for some reason every newspaper is reporting this - and the fact that virtually nothing happened. See

NEWS OF: 10/6/2005

Legal Community Supports Gay and Lesbian Equality

Michael Heath, Christian Civic League poster boy for tolerance, has continuously asserted that “the family and marriage” are at stake on November 8 unless we repeal issue one on the ballot. He’ll be happy to hear that a legal memorandum released by leading members of Maine’s legal community concluded that “the addition of sexual orientation to Maine’s non-discrimination law provides no legal basis for same-sex marriage.

Ted O’Meara, Senior Advisor to Maine Won’t Discriminate, offered “The reality is that the Yes on 1 campaign does not want to have an open and frank debate about whether or not it should be legal to discriminate against people simply because they are gay. They won’t talk about the true issues involving Question 1, because they know that most Mainers believe that discrimination is wrong and should be illegal. The legal analysis released today removes the smokescreen they have been hiding behind since their campaign began.”

See Maine Today

NEWS OF: 9/11/2005

Gay Rights Supporters in the Closet

The Maine Council of Churches and the Catholic Diocese quietly support equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans while the Christian Civic League is loudly opposed. Right wing christian groups tend to be single-focus. The Christian Civic League of Maine was founded 108 years ago as an advocate for Prohibition - a position they eventually abandoned when it became apparent that support was non-existent. The focus turned to the usual sins of teenage sex, etc. In the Jasper Wyman years, the league actually supported adding sexual orientation to the state of Maine’s discrimination laws. In 1994, Heath took over the organization and instituted the current anti-gay policies. This recent focus is less CCL and more Michael Heath. But as other churches run the gamut between quietly supportive to wishy-washy, they aren’t making a lot of noise. And that may make all the difference. Maine is the only state in New England that lacks gay-rights legislation. See Times Argus: Maine churches split on gay rights law

NEWS OF: 8/19/2005

3 Out of 5 Mainers Agree…

A statewide survey released Thursday indicates 3 out of 5 Mainers would vote to uphold the state’s gay rights law en route to yet another referendum this November. Strategic Marketing Services found 61% of those surveyed would uphold the law with 28% voting to reject it. See: Advocate

NEWS OF: 7/29/2005


Maine’s gay and lesbian citizens can thank evangelicals for the latest attempt to repeal equal rights. Enough votes were gathered to force the issue to referendum this November. See Maine Today.

NEWS OF: 7/5/2005

Gay Rights… Yeah, whatever…

The battle for gay rights is preparing for a third loop around the rollercoaster. Please keep your hands and feet in and no spitting over the side. See KJ. For those who need a break from America’s anti-gay rhetoric, Canada and the United Church of Christ are pro-gay.

NEWS OF: 7/1/2005

Who would Jesus Hate?

So while other countries all around us are legalizing gay marriage, Maine remains firmly entrenched in the iron age in denying even civil protections and equal rights to the state’s gay and lesbian population, because it’s the slippery slope straight to an evangelical black velvet abyss complete with poker-playing hounds of hell. Anti Gay forces have submitted 57,000 signatures to authorities to try to force yet another referendum, calling the 57,000 tidbits of hatemail a “miracle”. Frankly? It’s easier to move to Canada. Better health care. Equality. Beer mixed with tomato juice… See BDN

NEWS OF: 5/30/2005

Bill is a Gay Wedgie…

A proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage divided a legislative panel precisely along party lines Friday, setting up a rough road for the bill in the Democratically controlled House, where it must win approval from two-thirds of members. See Bangor Daily

NEWS OF: 5/3/2005

Coalition for Marriage “Hate Ads” Flop

Full-page advertisements from the Coalition for Marriage urging Mainers to overturn the gay-rights bill are meeting with less than enthusiastic support among Mainers. The ads state, “This is not an issue of discrimination. This is about paving the way for gay marriage.” The legislation addresses discrimination against gays and lesbians in housing, credit, education and jobs. There’s nothing in the law granting nor extending the the likelihood of gay marriage.

For example. Women got the right to vote in 1920. Fast forward 85 years later and we still don’t have a woman president. But I’m sure it was a concern in 1920. Random voices of reason from Maine citizens in the Kennebec Journal: Stan Davis and Peggy and John Barnes

NEWS OF: 4/21/2005

Petition Party

Hear a knock at the door? Everyone’s out collecting signatures and the names sound strangely similar - so look twice before you sign anything. Michael Healy is creating the political action committee “Don’t Mortgage ME.,” in an attempt to gather 50,519 signatures by the end of June to stage a people’s veto of a major component of the state’s two-year budget to borrow $450 million.

Meanwhile, Michael Heath, of the Christian Civic League of Maine, is gathering names in an effort to effect a “people’s veto” to overturn gay rights. In an effort to gather even more signatures he’s trying to join forces with the group “No Slots for ME!” (another name gathering group) offering to make the anti-slots petitions available to his 600-plus anti-gay volunteers, in the hopes that the anti-slots people will help anti-gay forces by getting twice the signatures.

Of course if you’re pro-gay and anti-slots, or pro-slots and anti-gay, well, things could get confusing.

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