NEWS OF: 5/25/2006

Domestic Abuse Gun Bill Reloaded

You may remember the bill would have notified victims of domestic abuse that their former abuser had purchased a gun? The NRA was accused of shooting down that piece of legislation, but this week lawmakers revived and passed the so-called domestic violence bill. The Governor is expected to sign it into law.

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NEWS OF: 5/11/2006

NRA Hijacks Domestic Abuse Bill

A bill that would alert spouses and family members should their abusers try to buy a gun was defeated in the Legislature. Members of the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence are blaming (at least in part) the National Rifle Association.

The bill had been on the fast track to passage, but was derailed when the National Rifle Association urged an amendment that would have required any guns seized by police be properly cared for - placing the responsibility for any damage to said guns on the police.

“This had nothing to do with the bill, which was to try and protect victims of domestic abuse,” said Gretchen Ziemer of the Coalition. “This was the NRA hijacking a bill for their purposes.”

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NEWS OF: 5/2/2006

Domestic Abuse in Maine: a Back-Alley Abortion of Justice.

Jon Dilley is about to go on trial for murdering his wife and mother in Boothbay Harbor. Police, churches, businesses and residents have organized a Domestic Abuse Prevention Council which sounds great on paper but is apparently an utter waste of time.

Switch to Fairfield, where 29 year old Victor Frascone was sentenced to 20 years in prison — with all but seven years suspended for soliciting someone to kill his pregnant wife. Frascone was already serving a six-month sentence for domestic assault on said wife when he hatched the plan to kill her in exchange for drugs.

So why did Superior Court Justice Joseph Jabar and District Attorney Evert Fowle come up with 7 years and probation?

That’s not a miscarriage of justice - it’s a back-alley abortion of justice.

  1. 95% of all victims of domestic violence are women.
  2. Domestic Violence is the single major cause of injury to women, period.
  3. Domestic Violence is the cause of one third of all physical disabilities in women.
  4. Half of all women murdered in the United States are killed by a spouse or an acquaintance.
  5. Domestic Violence occurs in 60% of marriages
  6. 90% of battered women reported that their children were present when they were beaten.

Irish novelist Edna O’Brien once said, “The vote means nothing to women. We should be armed.” She was right.

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NEWS OF: 4/1/2006

Animal Rights Recognized in First-in-Nation Law

Governor Baldacci, signed a bill yesterday that allows animals to be included in protection orders in domestic violence cases. Maine is believed to be the first state with such a law, and as a lover of animals, this is a wonderful idea.

National studies of domestic violence reveal that these sad households frequently include an abusive bastard who harms or kills the household critters, a deed for which they should be smeared with bacon fat, tied to a wagon wheel, and rolled deep into the stagnant Maine woods during moose-mating season… allowing mother nature and a few billion black flies to take it from there. See NYT

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