NEWS OF: 5/25/2006

DirigoChoice: Reform or No Reform

A couple of bills to rework the DirigoChoice insurance program have been rejected in the legislature but Gov. Baldacci, supporter of the bills, threw in a reform of his own, saying he will appoint a 15-member commission to study DirigoChoice funding and structure and report back by January.

First of the bills RJ’ed would have reduced payments made by commercial insurers. The other bill would have allowed the agency to self-insure, instead of contracting with Anthem.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual for DirigoChoice. See Press Herald

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NEWS OF: 12/1/2005

Claim Denied.

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Remember the insurance group appeal of that $44 million Dirigo savings? Maine insurance superintendent Al Iuppa denied the request. Touche! See BDN

NEWS OF: 11/30/2005

Insurance Companies Debate Dirigo Savings

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The Maine Association of Health Plans is challenging state Insurance Superintendent Alessandro Iuppa’s ruling last month that Dirigo initiatives resulted in $44 million in savings. Why? Because health insurers are required to make a payment based on those savings.

Insurance companies don’t intend to pay that fee any more than they intend to pay your latest claim so they are claiming that there aren’t any guidelines to prove that $44 million dollar amount, yada yada, while threatening to pass along any amount they have to pay to their customers in the form of higher premiums. Nice. See Insurance Journal

NEWS OF: 10/31/2005

Dirigo Health Healthier than We Thought

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After analyzing tons of conflicting data Maine’s insurance superintendent Al Iuppa has found that the various initiatives of the Dirigo Health Act have resulted in $43.7 million in savings within the state’s health care system over the past year.

NEWS OF: 8/31/2005

Dirigo Make Good Choices

No one can agree on how to fund Dirigo Choice. The state says the Dirigo Health Program is cutting health care costs thereby saving insurance companies and employers money.
But at a Monday meeting, payers told the board the state must demonstrate a clear cause-and-effect relationship between Dirigo initiatives and health care savings before they willingly agree to fund the plan. In the meantime, more of Maine’s children than ever are living in poverty and we’re facing a winter with skyrocketing heating costs. Good times. See BDN

NEWS OF: 6/17/2005

Kind of like ripping off a $250 million dollar band-aid…

“Everybody needs to share in the pain” according to Portland (D) Rep. Dudley, commenting on House approval of the Budget - Part 3 - which replaces borrowing with $250 million bucks in spending cuts and additional revenue, while preserving health insurance for 40,000 Mainers.
Final vote was 73-72. See Maine House Dems

NEWS OF: 6/9/2005


Saying that Governor Baldacci’s DirigoChoice, “is failing and will fail without substantive changes,” Republican lawmakers Tuesday convened a press conference to announce their plan to “rescue” DirigoChoice despite claims by some lawmakers that is isn’t “broken.” See Bangor News.

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