NEWS OF: 8/14/2006

Dead Shark Attack

“Unusually” high water temperatures are believed responsible for drawing sharks to Wells Beach, Maine, where the beach remains closed following several shark sightings. A dead mako shark, about 3-to-4 feet long, washed ashore Sunday and two other sharks were spotted in the same area.

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NEWS OF: 8/1/2006

Grave Crisis Awaits Cemetery Ducks

Evergreen Cemetery has had ducks and geese for nearly a century. The birds are a popular attraction. People of all ages, races and income levels go to feed the ducks and geese. I’ve fed those geese and ducks myself.

But this winter, after almost 100 years of caring for the ducks and geese, Portland is tearing down the cemetery equipment shed and attached lean-to that shelters the ducks and geese during the winter. They aren’t replacing it. Why? Taking care of Evergreen Cemetery’s most popular residents costs between $5,000-$8,000 a year. According to Assistant Director Tom Civiello, they just don’t have the resources.
But animal lovers are worried. Annette Kearney walks her dogs in Evergreen Cemetery and claims that the city’s plans constitute a “complete lack of will.” On the topic of the ducks? Kearney says, “They’re domesticated, so they can’t fly. When the water freezes, they’ll be stuck there…”

We agree. After 100 years of care the ducks are no longer a whim, but an integral aspect of Evergreen Cemetery. They can’t relocate to a wealthier cemetery. They cannot be abandoned to freeze and die this winter. Help save Evergreen Cemetery’s ducks and geese by contacting: City Communications Director, Peter DeWitt 756-8173

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NEWS OF: 6/14/2006

Turtle Crossing: Slow Way Down… Well, Stop.

turtles.png The month of June is when female spotted turtles cross the road in search of nesting places. Frederic Beaudry, a graduate student with the University of Maine Department of Wildlife Ecology, said there are “between maybe 10 to 15 roadkills a year, and probably a lot more that don’t get reported.”

These friendly shelled critters require decades of breeding in order to maintain their populations - and frequently die when people try to make them into pets.

So keep an eye open for diamond-shaped, bright yellow signs warning motorists of turtle crossings in York, Wells and South Berwick this month.

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NEWS OF: 6/6/2006

Antibiotic Free Meat in Maine

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The state of Maine would rather buy meat products from animals that have not been given antibiotics to promote growth, and would prefer that Maine school districts purchase their meat from producers who adopt a healthier approach to raising cattle.

Supporters call it the first state meat purchasing preference policy of its kind in the nation.

“With its leadership, Maine joins a growing number of restaurant chains, supermarkets, hospitals and other large-scale food purchasers taking positive steps to preserve the future effectiveness of antibiotics important in human medicine,” said Richard Wood of the Chicago-based Keep Antibiotics Working.

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NEWS OF: 5/30/2006

Springvale: The Threat Down

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Some residents in Springvale are one edge after several people saw a black bear wandering through town. Watch those jelly donuts and pic-a-nic baskets.

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