NEWS OF: 5/31/2005

Judge Hornby’s Lucky Strike

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US District Judge D. Brock Hornby may agree with the spirit of a Maine law making it harder for the underage to buy smokes, but he’s struck down the law nonetheless as it violates federal interstate commerce laws by impeding delivery services.

The 2003 law requires proof of age (18) to buy tobacco by mail - including online services that deliver by mail - but buyers under 27 would have to show an ID at the time of delivery. UPS then cancelled tobacco deliveries to Maine rather than have to change it’s delivery process for one product. This caused the New Hampshire and Massachusetts motor transport associations, and Vermont Truck and Bus Association to sue.

The rest is history. 37 pages of it, in fact, as delivered by Judge Hornby. See

NEWS OF: 5/18/2005

Budget Up in Smoke

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There’s talk about increasing the state tax on cigarettes to $2.50 a pack in Maine, which once again would give Maine the highest state tax in the country. Anti-smoking forces would like to use the millions of dollars raised to fund the advertising agency executives who crank out all those “You Know You Want to Quit” ads, but at a time when the State is holding yard sales to raise money and the job market may be flooded with unemployed bodies, lawmakers are suggesting the money be spent on something more practical and immediate.

Of course, if the money raised goes to save the State’s financial butt, then we may find ourselves in the awkward position of needing people to smoke to help balance the budget… See the Morning Sentinel

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