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The morning invocation in the Senate chamber is a daily reminder that church and state should never mix. Take, for example, this morning’s invocation delivered by a Hindu. Three Christian protesters from Operation Save America, an anti-abortion group in North Carolina, chose that moment to shout down the morning invocation… asking for God’s […]

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Rev. Jerry Falwell will be the guest preacher at the Peaks Island Baptist Church next week, to the dismay of islanders (and roughly 80% of the population in general) who say Falwell’s views do not reflect the “inclusive spirit of their community.”
Church pastor Beau Boyle is the man to thank/blame. Boyle invited Falwell to commemorate […]

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The evangelical community wants to increase their influence at the State House in Maine. Step one is an effort to derail recent equal rights legislation signed by Governor Baldacci. Offering such olive branches as “I don’t believe there is middle ground. Truth is truth. The truth cannot be compromised,” Rev. Phil Andrukaitis […]

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