NEWS OF: 6/17/2005

What Happens in Washington County Stays in Washington County…

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Without a word of debate, the Maine Senate sent to Governor Baldacci a bill calling for a statewide vote on an American Indian-operated racetrack casino in Washington County. If you’re a gambling man, bookies had this as a 40-1 longshot to last this long. See Maine Today

NEWS OF: 6/14/2005

The Life Cycle of a Bill

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In Maine, the lifecycle of a bill looks like this:

1. Conception- local lunatic, “concerned citizen” or “Boss Hog” corners local representative at Wal*Mart ribbon cutting and demands action on an issue that includes at least one of the big “Gs” - gambling, guns, or gays.

2. Gestation - MadLibs is employed to give the bill a friendly-sounding or patriotic or pro-family name if possible and the journey through the legislature begins.

3. Surrogacy - various interest groups write, tweak and rewrite to represent other interests.

4. Legitimacy - Bill journeys to the Governor for signature or veto.

5. Reincarnation - regarless of the outcome, groups begin gathering signatures for a “people’s” referendum, which is exactly where we now stand with the Washinton County slots.

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