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Obama By a Nose

Senator Barack Obama’s primary campaign has raised $31 million over the past three months, surging past Senator Hillary Clinton’s fund-raising machine by nearly $10 million for the quarter to take the lead in contributions in the crowded Democratic field.
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Popularity: 90%
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Is it time for universal health coverage? Yes. How on earth do we pay for it? By placing spending caps on everything from the price of prescription drugs to the cost of surgery to malpractice lawsuits. Why? Because we have to.
The Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care provides an interesting and sobering […]

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Obama Gate:

First dumb allegation of the 2008 election goes to the person who alleged that Barack Obama was educated at a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia.
The elementary school in Jakarta is a public and secular institution that is open to all students.
Obama, born in Hawaii, moved to Indonesia at age 6 […]

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