NEWS OF: 12/28/2005

We’re Here, We’re Queer… And That’s About It

Maine’s anti-discrimination laws went into effect today and for some reason every newspaper is reporting this - and the fact that virtually nothing happened. See

NEWS OF: 11/9/2005

Queer Eye for the Straight Marriage

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A day after losing an attempt to repeal Maine’s anti-discrimination law, the Christian Civic League and other gay-obsessed conservatives are vowing to switch their focus to passing a state constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage. Considering the current state of traditional marriage? I don’t see that as much of a threat. In fact… keep it.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s also been rumors of “taking their ball and going home.” See

Maine WON’T Discriminate: Maine voters keep gay rights law on the books

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With 84 percent of the precincts reporting Maine’s antidiscrimination law will stand. The so-called “gay rights” law - NO ON ONE - was victorious: 55% to 45%. This issue has been raised two times before over a 30 year period. See Boston Globe or Maine Today

NEWS OF: 11/3/2005


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In the mail today a “No On One” flyer that included Michael Heath’s Bangor Daily News that “Hurricane Katrina brought the wrath of God down on New Orleans because “gay rights” supporters were planning to meet in the city. In actuality, the gay rights meeting was actually scheduled for five days later:

vote no on one

vote no on one


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Rally Against Discrimination
Saturday, November 5

1:00 PM, Monument Square, Portland

Community members are encouraged to attend a rally in Monument Square in Portland to oppose discrimination and the attempt to repeal Maine’s law that protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation, Question 1 on the November ballot.

The rally is one part of the Interfaith Action Against Discrimination, which will begin at 12:00 noon with members of faith communities walking from meeting points all over Portland, converging at Monument Square by 1:00 PM.

The rally will include the wider community with speakers including Rev. Jill Saxby of the Maine Council of Churches, Portland Mayor Jill Duson, Rachel Talbot Ross of the NAACP, Shenna Bellows of the Maine Civil Liberties Union, and Rev. Steven Baines of People for the American Way, as well as music from Referendum, Women in Harmony, and Drummers Against Discrimination.

The action will conclude with an interfaith worship service at First Parish Church, 425 Congress Street in Portland, at 2:00 PM.

All are welcome at all parts of the event. Please help us to fill Monument Square for the rally.

For participation in the faith community walks beginning at noon, meeting points include:

Woodfords Congregational Church, 304 Woodfords Street
United Church of Christ
» parking lot
» 2.00 miles

Immanuel Baptist Church, 156 High Street
American Baptist Church
» street parking
» 0.35 miles

Cathedral Church of St. Luke, 143 State Street
Episcopal Church
» street parking
» 0.65 miles

Temple Beth El, 400 Deering Avenue
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
» street parking
» 1.85 miles

Clark Memorial Church, 15 Pleasant Avenue
United Methodist Church
» street parking
» 1.95 miles

First Parish Church, 425 Congress Street
Unitarian Universalist Association
» street parking
» 0.10 miles

Eastern Promenade, at the head of Congress Street
Allen Avenue UU Church leading
» parking lot
» 1.15 miles

Back Cove parking lot, across from Hannaford plaza
Open House UCC leading
» parking lot
» 0.65 miles

Commercial Street, at Union Street Wharf
First Congregational UCC, South Portland leading
» street parking
» 0.30 miles

NEWS OF: 11/2/2005

Their pain is my pain, and I’m going to stand for this law.

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Christians who support gay rights rallied at the Statehouse Tuesday to encourage people to vote — and vote against Question 1. The event, organized by the United Church of Christ Maine Conference, featured speakers who said it’s time for the state to have a law that protects gays and lesbians from discrimination in housing, credit, public accommodations, education and employment. “Stand up and say, ‘Their pain is my pain, and I’m going to stand for this law,’ ” said Eric Smith of Maine Christians for Justice. See the KJ

NEWS OF: 10/31/2005

Governor Baldacci Not Only Supports “No On One”

He was the person responsible for upgrading Maine’s anti-discrimination laws to reflect the norm in all other New England states… See BDN

NEWS OF: 10/29/2005

Question 1: Let anyone among you who has not sinned cast the first Yes vote

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Baptist minister, state Rep. Stan Moody of Manchester acknowledged that some Christians believe homosexuality is a sin, but said that did not justify denying the group basic protections under the Maine Human Rights Act.

“Let anyone among you who has not sinned cast the first ‘Yes’ vote,” Moody said when ending the Bangor news conference. See BDN

You’re fired because they THINK you’re gay, but you’re not…

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The Vote No On One campaign to keep “sexual orientation” as part of Maine’s anti-discrimination policy protects individuals based upon their sexual orientation — or their perceived orientation. The vote is within about a week’s time, as pointed out by Fosters.

NEWS OF: 10/24/2005

What next? Love thy Neighbor?

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Latest hissy fit over the concept of keeping “sexual orientation” in Maine’s antidiscrimination law concerns how Maine legally defines gender identity or expression.

In other words, if we start protecting gays and lesbians from harrassment we’ll have to do the same for bisexuals, transgendered and transexual individuals. Pretty soon we’ll have to respect everyone… What next? No flaming crosses? No swift judgement? How will our children know who to hate if we all start minding our own business?

See Press Herald

NEWS OF: 10/21/2005

A modern, unrepentant American homosexual would not want to work for, or rent from, Jesus.

VIEW ALL: 2005: No On One

That quote, circa 1998, comes from Michael Heath, the man who referred to Portland as a “moral gutter for it’s higher percentage of gay and lesbian citizens. That’s seven years of Michael Heath using Christianity as a front for a personal philosophy that is anything but.

Now along comes a survey of almost 100 gay men and lesbians showing that dozens have faced discrimination because of their sexual orientation (according to the Portland-based nonprofit Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence . )

Yet Michael Heath and the Christian Civic League claim that so few gay people have experienced discrimination that it’s statistically meaningless. Odd considering that he is one of the primary sources of discrimination and hate … and has been for years. See Press Herald

NEWS OF: 10/19/2005

48 Ministers Agree: Fairness is not a “special” right

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This Saturday in Bangor, the Episcopal Diocese of Maine will consider a resolution co-sponsored by 48 ministers throughout the state, including the Rev. Paige Blair of St. George’s Episcopal Church in York Harbor, calling upon all Episcopal ministers to urge voters to give more civil rights to homosexuals. The resolution states that “routine discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens ranks high in Maine and … many victims are our neighbors, fellow parishioners and family members.” See Portsmouth Herald

NEWS OF: 10/13/2005

Heath’s Christian Values: Fear, Intollerance, Hatred

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“Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. The modern champions of communism have selected this as the time, and ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down—they are truly down.” Thus spoke Joseph McCarthy, ultra right-wing conservative fundamentalist responsible for blacklisting Jews and Hollywood liberals, spreading fear and labeling anyone who disagreed with him “Un-American” or a communist.

Fast forward half a century and we find Michael Heath of Maine’s Christian Civic League claiming that Maine’s gay and lesbian taxpayers - your neighbors, friends, and family are part of some vast McCarthyism in reverse who have risen to the highest level of power.

You can tell this by their over-the-top demands for fair housing, basic employment… maybe a new car one of these years. Heath’s “open letter” to the Magic City Morning Star leaves me with just one question. Have you no sense of decency?

NEWS OF: 10/12/2005

Maine’s Rich Homosexual Pagans at the Top of the Food Chain

Michael Heath enlivened crowds Tuesday night on the topic of Maine’s antidiscrimination laws, proclaiming that applying laws such as equal rights and marriage to anyone but heterosexuals would lead to the end of the family. He did not address claims that homosexuals are almost always the byproduct of those “heterosexual families” and theremore, members of same.

Bending the rules of time and space, Heath stretched 30 minutes into what must have felt like an eternity, describing how liberalism, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud destroyed Western civilization by removing God from public life - singlehandedly putting an end to witch hunts, burning of midwives, shunning, and scarlet letters.

Paul Madore a Lewiston contractor joined Heath’s attack stating, “They claim discrimination, but they are on top of the economic ladder. They are not politically powerless and there is no basis for altering their civil-rights status,” proving that while Madore may have actually come into contact with a gay couple, he’s obviously never met any lesbians, who as women, earn roughly a buck 40 to every straight couple’s buck 70 and every gay couple’s 2 bucks.

Madore also seems confused over basic constitutional rights, which are independent of weath. Wealthy African Americans over the past hundred years might attest that money makes many problems go away - but not all of them.

The place was packed and, happily Heath’s supporters appeared to be in the minority. See the KJ

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