On May 9th, the Bush Administration released a directive called the “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive.”

The directive declares that in the event of a “catastrophic emergency” the President would be entrusted with leading the activities to ensure constitutional government.

It defines a “catastrophic emergency” as any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government function.

The directive emphasizes the need to ensure “the continued function of our form of government under the Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government,” and states, The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government.

Why was this Presidential directive delivered now? What bet are they hedging? Is this an insurance policy against the possibility of impeachment? Allowing the President to simply declare everything since 911 to be a state of catastrophic emergency? Or is this preparation for an Iraq war end run? There’s catastrophic loss of life there, too.

Why do these stated powers feel more dictatorial?

I’m always suspicious when the guy in charge releases a directive that spells out in no uncertain terms that not only is he still in charge, but even more supreme than before.

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4 Responses to “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive: Precursor of Doom?”

  1. 1 Jennie

    Why now? Greensburg, Kansas. This is a response to Kathleen Sebelius, Kathleen Blanco and other future govenors who might get uppity during a crisis asking for National Guard troops and going public when the lack thereof makes a bad situation that much worse.

    GWB and no-one else gets to decide when an emergency has occured and what the correct response is. However many troops he sends is the the right amount, no more, no less, no bitching.

  2. 2 Bobarian

    This is excellent news! Thank you, Jesus!

    Is it just me, or is the sun shining brighter and the birds singing more sweetly?

    Hillary’s election fits MY definition of a “catastrophic emergency”, and I feel confident that President Bush will agree should that horrific eventuality unfold.

    Liberals are toast! They’ll all be rounded up and flung into the deepest, darkest dungeon in Grab-an-Arab prison.

    C’mon, Ahmadinejad, give us an excuse…

  3. 3 Valerie

    hey Bobarian,

    You’re not doing so well in Iraq, if you haven’t noticed - going into Iran ought to about finish off the US

    Go for it - if it can wipe some of you stupid Americans off the face of the earth, it might just be worthwhile for the rest of us…

    As to this Presidential Directive, only the stupidest of Americans would want that to become a reality. Give your head a shake. You want a dictatorship? Hell, you could have moved to Iraq for that!

  1. 1 CelticBear’s Musings » Blog Archive » Herr Bush, Uber Alles!

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