Dennis Miller: Scared Straight Man

Dennis Miller used to be comedian with an enormous following and a top-rated HBO series. The 9/11 tragedy shocked all of us. But it scared Miller Republican. A rapid decline followed. HBO dropped him. He did a painful stint on CNBC that included live commercials, a monkey (never a good sign) and rumors of an audience that had to be paid to attend tapings. Then there was Monday Night Football. Dennis recently resurfaced on Fox News: Hannity and Colmes in a segment called “Real Free Speech.”

One segment focused on torture techniques such as waterboarding, described by Miller as “…the one where you pour H2O down the schnoz of a bad guy.” As the video played I noticed a variety of corn-dog visual and sound effects. I actually thought the film had been doctored post-production, but a review of other “Real Free Speech” segments revealed that they are all peppered with sight gags.

It isn’t news. It isn’t comedy. What is it? It’s the degradation of Miller’s psyche. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do people like Ann Coulter end up that way?” See Miller’s transformation from comedy to tragedy.

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