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Global Warming Wednesday: Denial is a Dried Up River Bed in Egypt

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Forget the fact that concern over global warming has dropped 40%+ since the Clinton years thanks to a concerted effort by polluters to promote it as “theory” and not fact. And forget all the fake organizations with Earth-friendly names created by multi-billion dollar oil companies who spread misinformation daily.

The question remains, how come I never hear any of these guys add the “but…” part. Like, “global warming is a crock, but of course we should stop pouring pollution into the atmosphere.”

Are they pro-filth? Don’t trust air that they can’t slice with a spoon? Smog-loving?

Deroy Murdock wonders why the Earth-loving environmentalists don’t embrace nuclear technology, which is “cleaner” aside from the radioactive waste that hangs around for eons. Oh, and the whole Chernobyl thing.

“Nuclear power is the answer…but of course we should stop polluting the atmosphere… that’s a no-brainer.”

Donald J. Boudreaux, another Exxon-backed analyst, wrote an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune called “The case for neglecting global warming” arguing that capitalism is responsible for the wonderful advancements we have, and therefore we should ignore global warming because it might impede capitalism. Boudreaux is an economics professor, not a climatologist.

“Capitalism is the answer, but, yes, of course we should clean up the environment. What are you, nuts?”

This issue won’t be solved by filling our cars with kryptonite. Or screaming that it’s a “natural phenomenon” as we tip-toe across the searing pavement in our asbestos Tevas to get that 80 sunblock out of the car.

The Union of Concerned Scientists have an excellent Global Warming FAQ for those just beginning their research.

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  1. Any discussion of reducing carbon emmissions or replacing these sources with others must start with conservation. The best, cheapest, most environmentally-friendly power source is the one you don’t use.

    Readers interested interested in the global warming issue and possible solutions might want to check out my blog at . Here you will find an insider’s account of the US nuclear power industry in the form of a fast-paced thriller novel. There is no cost to readers. I have worked in the nuclear industry for over twenty years and have found that few outside it - - whether academics, pundits, promoters or detractors - - have a clear idea how things really work in this field. There are good and bad points to atomic power and my novel ‘Rad Decision’ serves as an solid introduction to the issue. It also provides a layman’s look at the Chernobyl debacle and the TMI event. There are also commentaries with each chapter on energy issues such as how much power each consumer in the US uses.

    Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalog and a noted futurist has said: “I’d like to see Rad Decison widely read.”

    Comment by James Aach — 8/17/2006 @ 12:12 pm

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