NEWS OF: 7/20/2006

American Politics for Dummies

First, there was Senator Ted Steven’s video entry for the Low-Tech Hall of Fame, the Internet Tube Theory speech which left most Americans wondering whether he’d spent too much time in his car with the windows rolled up during the warm spell.

Next the unfortunately named Senator Brownback of Kansas revived his one-man show on frozen embryos, complete with kid’s pictures of smiling embryos, thankful they were thawed in a controlled environment and implanted into a foreign womb, just as God intended. (See the video)

Brownback documented embryos who “made good” such as Mother Theresa, President Kennedy, etc. and left no uncertainty as to the reduced probability of getting an eagle if you destroy the egg.

Senator Brownback is understandably uninformed on the topic of stem cell research. Kansas is largely science free save for the dogged efforts of the Kansas Citizens for Science.

Senator Stevens voted against a bill providing $52M for “21st century community learning centers” and for a $452 million bridge to nowhere. Roads and bridges? Sure. Computers? No.

Remember smart people? Remember when it was cool to be smart?

Where have all the smart people gone over the past six years? Are they already in Canada?

There was a time when education was important. Back when we asked questions instead of simply answering “irreducible complexity” to anything harder than a true/false quiz and then instructing our teachers to contact our lawyers or ministers.

Remember when you had to be smart to be in office instead of just loud.

Sure, everyone can’t know everything. But allowing any lawmaker to create a law when they have no fundamental grasp of the topic is asking for disaster.

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  1. This gap of knowledge seems to run rampant in our politicians. I just got home from a party where Republican Frank Farrington who is running for Maine state senate was invited by a neighbor who would like to see him elected. As Mr. Farrington worked the room he spent 15 minutes talking with my husband who brought up the issue of global warming. Mr. Farrington’s response was that even if global warming is true Maine will only become more pleasant during the winter and we’ll have less snow to deal with. My husband considers himself an old school republican (dislikes neocon policy) and even he was appalled at the cavelier and ignorant response. Also, Mr. Farrington went out of the way to speak to each man at the party but bypassed the women unless they happened to be standing with the men. Several people commented on this, republican men and women alike. I can’t believe these types of people keep getting elected. Mr. Farrington is the former mayor of Bangor.

    Comment by Eliza — 7/22/2006 @ 7:58 pm

  2. Having just seen Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, I find myself wondering if all the flag burning, gay marriage, snowflake baby, axis of evil headlines are part of an even greater Republican campaign to front issues that play well to the least educated while being of little or no real priority.

    Stupidity perpetuates stupidity.

    Comment by admin — 7/22/2006 @ 8:21 pm

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