NEWS OF: 7/17/2006

Stem Cell Research Veto Threatened

Life is precious in theory and cheap in application. We worry that stem cell research will give rise to cottage industries that farm and slaughter human embryos that have the potential for life. Because of the medical potential of stem cell research we keep looking for ethical work-arounds.

But Iraq? Israel and Lebanon? North Korea? Darfur? In practicality we are always killing people and either ignoring the ethics, justifying the act in the name of God, or giving the dead more oblique labels like “collateral damage.”

In other words, we’re only “pro-life” until you’re actually born. After that? We don’t give a damn.

And that’s why we have global chaos.

Evangelical Christians are the biggest backers of the Iraq war and, simultaneously, the most vocal opponents of stem cell research.

Stem-cell debate opens in the Senate this week. President Bush has promised a veto. The question is, are there enough votes to override a veto?

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  1. Bush’s disdain for science is sickening

    Comment by jr — 7/18/2006 @ 10:27 am

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