NEWS OF: 4/19/2006

Christian Civic League: Refinancing Peter to Back Paul

The Christian Civic League and Colorado-based “Focus on the Family,” are focusing neither on Christianity nor the family but deconstructing campaign finance reform.

The CCL filed its lawsuit in a DC federal district court and claims that BCRA (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002) is unconstitutional “as applied” to a radio ad the group wants to air in May and June, within 30 days of the Maine primary election. The ad refers to Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Right before any election radio and TV become a virtual sea of misinformation, corruption and scandal.

Oddly, religious groups that seize upon some obscure tidbit of Old Testament lore as a divine mandate to toss all gays into the Pit of Peril are strangely comfortable with their own ethics violations. See: “A Christian Defense of Attack Ads: Why negative issue and character ads are ethically justified.”

The law, in this case, prohibits corporations and labor unions from paying for advertisements that refer to federal candidates in the immediate pre-election period. While no one wants to quell free speech, the law seeks to avoid having national money paying for local politics. A Christian sugar daddy like Dr. James Dobson, if you will, picking up the tab for the little old bankrupt Christian Civic League.

The sad fact is that television and radio ads have lost their credibility. The money spent on them is a waste — until all those running ads agree to have them fact-checked in advance before they can be run on air. Can I hear an “Amen?”

See Tom Allen

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