NEWS OF: 4/10/2006

Bush: Go Directly to Secret Prison. Do Not Pass Go.

The primary argument behind domestic spying — the warrantless wiretapping of Americans — is that it’s the only way to catch misguided Americans who may be revealing classified information to potential al Qaeda terrorists in their home towns or public libraries.

But a warrantless wiretap of President Bush, would have revealed that he, personally and individually, chose to declassify prewar intelligence so Americans could “see the truth” because after the U.S. invasion, there were “questions in people’s minds.”

In his own words (to an audience at Johns Hopkins University in Washington) the President decided to “free up the information.”

But all that truthiness never made it to a single press conference. It was leaked. Not to free up the truth, but to manipulate it. Squeeze it. And milk it for all it was worth.

That’s personal gain. Conflict of interest.

And had the Bush administration caught that on tape from the mouth of any other “American”? That guy would be on his way to Guantanamo.

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  1. Tying together the President’s Bad Day

    Sources today report that President Bush admitted to treason by leaking intelligence information blowing CIA super secret agent Valerie Plame’s cover because Mr President can declassify information on a whim when he needs to create propaganda to support his fraudulent case to go to war to secure Iraqi Oil by allowing back-door access to male prostitute, Jeff Gannon/Guckert (owner of a male escort service), whom frequented President Bush and other members of the White House. On another note court papers introduced in criminal court today by the Justice department concerning the illegal phone jamming in New Hampshire in 2002 show that Bush campaign operative James Tobin had “special access” to the White House political affairs office purported to be regularly controlled by Karl Rove. In response to these facts and inuendo, the White House sought to distract the American public by not denying any of it and instead announced it is considering the possibility of poisoning them by increasing the allowable amount of poisons and toxins in tap water by 300%. While this may only affect the poor and needy, the President’s base known as the rich elite need not worry as they can afford bottled water. However the as many as 36 million legal and illegal immigrants protesting coast to coast Monday likely would be affected as the President might have reflected upon the statement “Let them eat cake” but then was distracted by the Fed covering up the declining dollar by no longer reporting on monetary matters.

    The official democratic response to all of this: YAWN!

    The unofficial democratic response to all of this: EXCELLENT!!!

    My response to all of this…As Americans we are coming together recognizing that the President, the Republican congress, as well as the Courts has decided to kill America as quickly as possible in order to cover up their misdeeds. However we are taking a stand. We are calling for an immediate recall election this November to undo the harm, the foul play, the lies, the deceit, the greed, and the loss of the American way in order to elect Progressive leaders such as Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders, and other well-meaning Progressive candidates to make a course correction. We need to deal with the very real problems that the nation is facing today as our Republican leaders have failed. They pay American Corporations to send our high-paying jobs overseas, fire our middle class (Ford and GM), and divide our country over fear of the unknown (immigration). Well no more! We demand fairness, integrity, not even the appearance of conflict of interest, and more and better jobs. We seek to turn our decling nation into a positive, progressing nation and return to the best and brightest in the world, bar none. As Americans we will work together as one large community improving ourselves and our lives. Each and every person deserves a single payer universal healthcare program guaranteeing basic, preventative, and restorative healthcare from birth to death. Each person deserves a good retirement based upon their hard work during the productive time of their lives. Each person deserves a full education including a four year college degree that prepares them for life and for a career, not just a job. Next to last, every person deserves a full stomache filled with safe food and safe water grown in a safe environment. Lastly, we deserve a government of/for/by the people that cares for and protects the well-being of all people, our environment, and our policies foreign and domestic.

    Bush acknowledges declassifying intelligence

    EPA May Weaken Rule on Water Quality

    Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative reporter

    Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House


    Comment by Richard Burk — 4/11/2006 @ 11:35 am

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